See why so many choose cork flooring

Even though cork flooring has been around for years, it's making a fast comeback as one of the most loved floor coverings. A frequent material in homes in the 1920-1940s, cork flooring was put to the side by the rise in synthetic floor choices like vinyl and laminate. However, for today’s more environmentally aware homeowners, cork flooring is a fantastic long-lasting floor solution. Find out if cork is the perfect flooring for your space.

The advantages of cork flooring

On top of being one of the most comfortable and quiet underfoot materials for your floors, there are many advantages you will enjoy with cork floor tiles.

Environmentally friendly

Cork flooring is an excellent environmentally friendly choice created with natural materials, minimal processing, and a minuscule carbon footprint.


Cork is tree bark gathered from cork oak trees in the Mediterranean when they get 25 years old. It's only collected every 8-14 years from the tree, which means cork is one of the most sustainable building products available.


Cork floor tiles are easy to install and can additionally be used on your walls in any room for a stunning interior design. Cork is sold in many designs, rolls, planks, and tiles to fit your requirements.


Cork is by nature waterproof, anti-mold, and anti-fungal, making it an outstanding kitchen or bathroom floor selection.


Even though cork floors can be vulnerable to tears and scratches, they can last 40 years or more with the right care and maintenance.

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How to get cork flooring

Step 1: select your design

Look through our vast collection of high-quality flooring choices in several designs, shapes, and colors.

Step 2: take measurements

Measure the floor space you wish to have the cork flooring placed so you know how much to purchase.

Step 3: select an adhesive

We offer a collection of the finest cork flooring adhesives to choose from.

Step 4: finish your purchase

Once you have the flooring and adhesives you need, complete your payment and shipping details, and we'll schedule your installation.

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